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Internship Jobs at WellCare

In an Internship at WellCare, you’ll have the unique opportunity to be part of an environment devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Serving approximately 4 million members nationwide, WellCare provides managed care services targeted to government-sponsored health care programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, Prescription Drug Plans and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Do well for others, and for yourself, and join WellCare for an Internship

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Job Number Job Title City State
1801279 Internship - Accounting Operations & SEC Reporting Job Tampa FL
1801276 Internship - Application Development Job Tampa FL
1801274 Internship - Application Development Job Tampa FL
1801272 Internship - Application Development Job Tampa FL
1801280 Internship - Big Data Job Tampa FL
1801271 Internship - Business Development Job Tampa FL
1801281 Internship - Business Intelligence Job Tampa FL
1801275 Internship - Compliance Job Tampa FL
1801310 Internship - Corporate Communications Job Tampa FL
1801300 Internship - Finance - Actuarial Services Job Tampa FL
1801302 Internship - Finance - Corp Strategy & Integration Job Tampa FL
1801284 Internship - Finance Regulatory Cost Reporting Job Tampa FL
1801308 Internship - Government Affairs Job Tampa FL
1801401 Internship - Health Services Job New York NY
1801312 Internship - Health Services - Behavioral Health Job Tampa FL
1801314 Internship - Health Services - Quality Job Tampa FL
1801386 Internship - Health Services - Quality Job Chicago IL
1801313 Internship - Health Services Quality & Analytics Job Tampa FL
1801539 Internship - Health Services Strategy & Analytics Job Tampa FL
1801535 Internship - Health Services Strategy & Analytics Job Tampa FL
1801273 Internship - Internal Audit Job Tampa FL
1801608 Internship - Investor Relations Job Tampa FL
1801303 Internship - IT Environment Analyst Job Tampa FL
1801607 Internship - Medical Economics Job Tampa FL
1801301 Internship - Merger & Acquisition Specialist Job Tampa FL
1801385 Internship - Network Management Job Chicago IL
1801305 Internship - Procurement Job Tampa FL
1801307 Internship - Project Management Job Tampa FL
1801408 Internship - Provider Relations Job New York NY
1801412 Internship - Quality Improvement Job Newark NJ
1801411 Internship - Regulatory Affairs Job Newark NJ
1801309 Internship - Treasury Job Tampa FL
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